Quoted in the press

Kachan in Forbes

Kachan believes electric vehicles will face a tougher road in 2013 as technological advances in the century-old internal combustion engine produce fuel economy gains and lower carbon emissions.

6 Green Tech Trends For 2013, Dec 7, 2012

Kachan in EarthTechling

The firm’s year-end analysis indicates that venture capital taking a backseat in the cleantech industry might actually be a blessing in disguise. The vacuum left by VC’s is already being filled by private industry, which is better equipped to cleantech to market in a reasonable time frame.

VC Passion For Cleantech To Cool In 2013, Predicts Kachan & Co., Dec 6, 2012

Kachan in DealMarket

This week cleantech consulting firm Kachan & Co. offered its predictions about cleantech venture investment. It says to expect investment [in 2013] to decline even further than it did [in 2012] ... other predictions include a return of the combustion engine due to innovations which will put electric vehicle markets at risk, and a bold forecast for progress in clean coal tech.

Cleantech Predictions for 2013 : Kachan Consulting Looks Ahead, Dec 7, 2012