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2011: What is in Store for Cleantech?, Feb 2, 2011

Electric scooter maker with superior range and durability expanding into new markets

Cleantech company seeking capital as of February 25, 2011
Executive summary of company's business: 

Greenwit's MOTORINO is a Canadian brand of high quality electric scooters, bicycles and motorcycles (trade mark registration number TMA737780.) All models have been partially or completely designed by Greenwit Technologies. More than thirty different models of Motorino scooters and bicycles have been introduced to the North American market since 2002.

Some suppliers simply source Asian markets for bikes and motors. Greenwit says it has taken a proactive role, designing new electrical and mechanical parts from high quality materials to cope with lacklustre performance from stock parts. This six year process of feedback and redesign is evident in Greenwit Technologies’ newest models, which offer superior power, range and durability, the company claims.

The latest development to be applied to Motorino scooters is the CCT driving system. This new motor features larger and more powerful magnets in its rotor, producing better torque for the same amount of current. This leading motor and its controller were designed in Canada, but are manufactured in Taiwan to the strictest quality controls, according to the company. The drive systems are then sent to an ISO 9002 certified assembly factory where all of the company's products are assembled under the supervision of Greenwit representatives.

"It's a very attractive concept for us. This is a huge market." (Thomas Weber - BMW R&D at Paris Autoshow 2010)

Peugeot, Yamaha, BMW
Differentiation vs. competitors: 
The company has developed its own CCT driving system for Light Electric Vehicles. The company also has a network of more than 30 dealers in Canada.
Key team members: 
Steve Miloshev, MSc - Founded Greenwit Technology in 2002 - 25 years experience in mechanical and electrical engineering. Eight years experience in Light electric vehicles R&D, design, manufacturing, dealership and franchise network establishing, consumer advertising. In R&D and Marketing the company is using on contract specialists from UBC and companies.
Existing investors and capitalization details: 
The company is boostrapped with its own capital.
Capital sought & use of proceeds: 
The company is seeking approximately two million dollars to expand its market in the U.S. and Europe, and to implement new battery technologies.
Characteristics of ideal investors: 
The second priority for the company, after the investment itself, is how influential the investors are in the green technology market.
Expected close date: 
May, 2011
Company name: 
Greenwit Technologies
Contact name: 
Steve Miloshev
Contact email:


Vancouver, BC
Phone: 604 331 0555
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