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Recent reports  

Cleantech Redefined

After 10 years of largely underwhelming returns, clean infrastructure, technology and services are starting to flourish. Cleantech is indeed now revolutionizing how we make, grow, transport and consume things. Should investors get back in the game? Our analysis suggests yes.

Emerging Nuclear Innovations

Japan’s close call notwithstanding, nuclear will remain an important baseload power source worldwide. And after decades of relative inactivity, companies in China, Europe and elsewhere are poised to reinvigorate the industry with innovations aimed at overcoming the historical objections to nuclear power as we know it today. Which companies are best positioned to open a new nuclear chapter, and why? Read this report by Kachan & Co.

The Bio Natural Gas Opportunity

A new type of renewable natural gas from sustainable sources could eventually complement solar and wind as a primary source of utility-grade renewable energy. Chemically similar to fossil-based natural gas, it holds the promise of being transportable in existing pipelines and useable in today’s equipment. Who are the leading vendors of existing equipment and of the most exciting emerging technologies, and where are the opportunities likely to be? Read this report by Kachan & Co. 

Osmotic Power: A Primer

It’s still very early, but interest is growing in technologies to make electricity from osmosis. Osmotic-power technologies capture energy created when salt water and fresh water mix, a process that happens naturally in deltas and estuaries around the world. But can these technologies overcome efficiency, cost and scale-up challenges quickly enough to be commercially viable and make a difference?

Who are the leading vendors, and where are the opportunities today? Read this report by Kachan & Co.