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Electric vehicle distributor seeking distribution and M&A capital

Cleantech company seeking capital as of February 25, 2011
Executive summary of company's business: 

Lang Motors is a progressive thinking, environmentally friendly, Canadian business venture dedicated to the promotion and sales of new zero-emission vehicles (ZEV), including Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEV). The company says it was started on the fundamentals of respect, personal achievement and fun.

Its main objective is to attain and maintain a position as the primary source of zero-emission vehicles (ZEV), first in Vancouver, then across Canada. Lang Motors intends to increase the use of ZEV in all areas of vehicular transportation, from moving people to moving goods.

The company created and promotes nine "Electric Avenue" ZEV dealerships located across Canada: Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, and Halifax. It opens the door for other cities in Canada to uniquely position themselves as regional leaders in an aspect of sustainable transportation.

Every traditional automaker.
Differentiation vs. competitors: 
With only 6 moving parts (the motor, the transmission and four wheels), a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) does not need much attention. Ninety-five percent of what could go wrong with it can be fixed in the customer’s driveway. Less moveable parts = less repairs = more dollars in customers' pockets. Hybrids and the new generation of electrics (i.e. Chevrolet Volt) have more moveable parts than gasoline cars. Complexity gives automakers a green light to charge a premium for repairs. Repairs and Maintenance within the traditional automakers system involve networks of independent dealers with a massive investments and inventories, making most of their living off repairs and replacement parts. A successful electric vehicle industry/dealership like Lang Motors does not resemble from such an industry. A new infrastructure reduces capital investments. - Lang Motors Conscientious Preventive Maintenance: Lang's marketing strategy is to adopt innovative techniques with the focus on youth, government, and business. With no competition, it has a natural advantage of being the innovators, but another obvious campaign would be to target the green or environmental community. We see a real opportunity in developing a campaign to move mainstream where we will uses terms around style and class, and show that our customers are smart, popular, energetic, responsible, and generally - “with it.”
Key team members: 
Lang Motors Ltd. was incorporated on May 17, 2006. The businesses’ primary shareholder is Denis Lang. Denis’ passion for the automobile came from his father, a former Chrysler dealership owner in New Brunswick. While working with his father, Denis developed a detailed knowledge of the industry, future trends, and opportunities, and thus became a spokesman for clean car technology. In addition, Denis is a global-thinking, entrepreneur who believes in sustainable business development, which includes social responsibility, green / environmental practices and corporate profitability. Denis is actively engaged in the BC energy community through his contribution as an industry member with Electric Mobility Canada, and member of BC Sustainable Energy Association, and the Sierra Club of BC.
Existing investors and capitalization details: 
The company's primary financial backer was Mr. Art Cowie -- (Cowie Rowhouse project - Laneway Housing located in Vancouver Canada.) Mr. Cowie passed away on November 21, 2009 - Art was a former 4-time Vancouver Park Board Chair and city councillor, provincial MLA, and internationally renowned landscape architect and planner - we were introduced in spring 2007 - Art became my mentor, financial backer, and we became good friends. Art wanted to place Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEV) in every Cowie Rowhouse garages. Art was always slightly ahead of his time. On August 2010 I decided to do a cross-Canada trip to promote Lang motors and Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEV, and at the same time I met with multiple Venture Capitalist trying to seek a new financial backer. I failed my mission to secure funds, and arrived back in Vancouver in February 2011.
Capital sought & use of proceeds: 
Two (2) fold: 1 - $400,000 to secure the Canadian exclusivity for the Global Electric Motorscars (GEM), TAZZARI, and WHEEGO electric vehicle brands. 2 - $8M to $10M to purchase the NEMO NEV truck company - The NEMO is designed and manufactured in Quebec -
Characteristics of ideal investors: 
Seeking venture investors with experience in distribution, solar, and or aviation.
Expected close date: 
May, 2011
Company name: 
Lang Motors
Contact name: 
Denis Lang
Contact email:


Vancouver, BC
Phone: 604-669-5564
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