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Home area network (HAN) management platform for the smart grid

Cleantech company seeking capital as of February 25, 2011
Executive summary of company's business: 

Inevitably, to live up to the promise of the smart grid, the tens of millions of installed smart meters will need to be integrated with homes and their home area networks (HAN).

A company with thousands of active HAN installations worldwide, Embedded Automation says it is leading the innovation of HAN management systems by connecting homes to the smart grid and also to the data cloud. Embedded Automation, through its line of mHome products, provides a platform that can be installed by utilities or related partners as a low-cost, secure, in-premise device as a value-added enhancement to the smart meter. Alternatively, mHome technology could also be used as components for existing partner solutions.

In addition to helping utilities develop programs to reduce energy usage, the mHome platform provides a mechanism to collect information on granular usage (appliances, outlets) and transfer the data to a cloud-based data aggregation system. The data can then be analyzed and/or shared to gain additional operational insight – benefitting the utility and their consumers.

Embedded Automation estimates its mHome platform can help reduce energy usage by a minimum of 10% at each participating residence by providing valuable usage feedback, consumer-based recommendations and demand management.

While Embedded Automation is currently marketing HAN management solutions directly to consumers, the company intends to expand its reach through technology licensing with OEM partners or installers which would embed the technology within HAN nodes (e.g., metering systems, intelligent devices) and with utility-related partners which would provide an in-premise complement to their smart meter install.

Control4, EnergyHub, Tendril
Differentiation vs. competitors: 
Embedded Automation has solutions available today. The company says its mHome product line is a proven technology – hardened through daily use and feedback from a large installed base of active HAN users. Embedded Automation’s scalable platform supports an industry-leading range of HAN technologies, the company claims, which has enabled it to perform a rich integration to smart grid and data clouds. Embedded Automation has demonstrated its technology at high-profile eco-home installs (Simon Fraser University’s West House) and for the National Research Council (NRC) of Canada. Furthermore, it says it has developed a path on which mHome products can migrate to ever lower-cost component technologies, allowing it to be deployed widely by partners.
Key team members: 
Ted S. Singh (Co-Founder, CEO), Business Development, Program Management, B.Sc. Computer Engineering, 25 Years Industry Experience. J.B. Golee, (Co-Founder, President) Hardware Design, Operations/Financial Management, Dipl. Electronics Design, 20 Years Industry Experience. George Alatrash (CTO, Software Architect), Systems Analyst, Software Design/Development, Bachelor of Technology, (Computer Systems), 24 years Industry Experience. Roger Pang (Software Architect), Systems Analyst, Software Design/Development, Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Graphics), 15 Years Industry Experience. Chris Brandson (Software Developer, ZigBee Expert), Software Design/Development, Bachelor of Science (Physics and Computer Science), 20 Years Industry Experience.
Existing investors and capitalization details: 
Embedded Automation is a privately-held Canadian company, incorporated in British Columbia in 2004. The company has been boot-strapped by the company founders, who retain 100% ownership. It solely owns the intellectual properly associated with the mHome product line.
Capital sought & use of proceeds: 
Embedded Automation is seeking USD$10M to allow it to seek and participate in pilot trials and to continue to perform product enhancements and cost-reductions.
Characteristics of ideal investors: 
Embedded Automation welcomes partners participating in the smart grid build-out, particularly meter technology companies and service installers, as they provide the best domain fit with its solution. Embedded Automation would also benefit from partners with experience with in-premise device deployments, for example, cable/telecom network providers or security/surveillance installers – especially those looking to extend the functionality/value of their existing network solutions.
Expected close date: 
September, 2011
Financial statements: 
Company name: 
Embedded Automation
Contact name: 
Ted Singh
Contact email:


17345 Abbey Drive
Surrey, BC V4N4M3
Phone: 604-596-4999
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