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“China has positioned itself very well as the clean technology minerals leader. The rest of the world is years behind them. The U.S. has no commercial rare earth element refining operations. China effectively has a strangle hold on the rare earth elements needed for cleantech.”

— Dallas Kachan

Afghanistan’s lithium Eureka: A big win for China, or another Bolivia?, Jun 14, 2010

Novel high performance composition and structure of fuel cell catalysts

Cleantech company seeking capital as of February 25, 2011
Executive summary of company's business: 

Platinum or platinized catalysts for fuel cells have been extensively researched and developed over decades. However, the foreseeing of the rising of platinum is also standing. Reducing and replacing platinum used in the fuel cell have been an extensive developed for potential massive commercialization. however, according to the recent technology and market review, without a revolutionary technology, the commercialization of the fuel cell technology is expected in 2050. Is there a technology not only possess the unique composition advantage but also possesses structure advantages that can reduce the loading of Platinum even replace the platinum catalysts? Is there a technology that can be utilized in different fuel cell systems? Blue-O Tech trusts that their patent pending nanotechnology is the right candidate. Their recent research data of non-platinum catalysts show that the performance of their catalysts are twice better than the commercial ones and close to the commercial supported Platinum catalyst. Blue-O Tech plans to further develop prototype tests with their novel catalysts to show the real potential of their technology.

Blue-O Tech team projects that our prototype research and development will be finished within in 12 to 18 months with sufficient funding is acquired. During this period, we will promote our catalyst layer to to 20 world Fuel cell companies on their fuel cell systems and establish a strong collaboration or strategy partnership for potential business customers.

Due to the potential massive wanting market and the zeal of clean energy from the public, the real market value is overwhelming.

We are seeking an equity capital investment of $4.0 million dollars in order to speed up and extend our research development on our novel fuel cell catalyst technology.

Major fuel cell R&D companies including Ballard Power System, Fuel Cell Energy, etc.
Differentiation vs. competitors: 
Fuel cells are heavily replying on their core catalysts. Blue-O Tech creates different structure and composition that other existing technologies have not disclosed. These differences provides better catalytic performance as well as lower loading of the needed catalyst. Blue-O Tech is targeting a least 1/5 loading of the current precious metal loading or a complete replacement with non-platinum catalyst on some fuel cell applications. The recent research data support the vision of Blue-O Technology on fuel cell development business.
Key team members: 
Hanson Ruan, Founder and CEO, has excellent mixed experiences and skills including project leading and managing, production supervision, start-up and scale up management, and creative nano-material research and development. Martin Que, Chief Operation Officer, has extensive and excellent North American financial investment management experience; Dr. Ning Su, Research Director, has excellent R&D management experience and skills; Dr. Yi Zhao, Business Development Director, has excellent technology commercialization experience and skills in North America as well as well as in China.
Existing investors and capitalization details: 
Blue-O Tech has limited investment from its arm length associates, close friends, and family members.
Capital sought & use of proceeds: 
Blue-O Tech is initially seeking series A investment of approximately $5M for prototyping. Its expected manufacturing of commercial scale products in year 2 or 3 will need $20 - $30 M for the estimated market demanding in North American.
Characteristics of ideal investors: 
Venture investors with experience in clean energy investing. Large fuel cell companies, or other large corporations that are related or not-related to fuel cell technology but act as a supplier of the raw materials of the catalysts.
Expected close date: 
October, 2011
Company name: 
Blue-O Technology
Contact name: 
Hanson Ruan
Contact email:


2389 Health Sciences Mall
Vancouver , BC V6T 1Z3
Phone: 778.839.8284
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