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HVAC startups you need to know

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When you think of sexy technology, the fans, motors and ductwork that provide heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) in buildings probably don’t come to mind. But HVAC systems account for more than a third of total building energy use in offices and other commercial structures – more than lighting and IT combined. A number of startups have emerged in recent years targeting this sector of the broader green building industry.

A new cleantech taxonomy

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Classic definitions of cleantech, and the industries under its umbrella, have gotten long in the tooth. The sector has changed, and taxonomies haven't kept up.

Why is a clean technology taxonomy important? As a list of nested categories, it shows where a clean technology “fits”. It helps vendors understand their competitive sets. It defines and helps investors understand the breadth of the sector and its sub-categories, and helps research and data organizations report consistently.

Why China has already overtaken the U.S. in cleantech

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It's been fashionable to debate whether China will some day surpass the U.S. in clean technology. Yet, after reviewing some of the metrics that really matter, one could conclude that it already has.

At least this was my thesis in moderating a recent Haas School of Business event at U.C. Berkeley in California that explored whether China would become a green economy leader.

Think locally, act globally in cleantech

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I'm pretty fond of where I live.

And I imagine you are too. You've chosen to be there!

So it only stands to reason that we'd want to preserve and better our places.

But there's a professional quandary therein: opportunities in cleantech aren't always in our backyards. We can't always be satisfied with looking globally and acting locally when it comes to cleantech, because important things ARE indeed happening around the planet.

Cleantech thriving in California under AB 32, data shows

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Efforts to repeal California's progressive emissions reduction law are gaining steam heading into the state's general elections this November. Which could make for some real fireworks in California this summer.

The fate of the bill is likely to become a central issue in the elections. Already, both Republican gubernatorial candidates have called for suspending the state's Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, first introduced as AB 32.

Jinko IPO failure a harbinger for cleantech public exits?

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China-based JinkoSolar has postponed plans to go public in the U.S., blaming poor market conditions (see M&As swing to solar this week).

The news comes less than a week after Chinese polysilicon maker Daqo New Energy also halted plans to IPO in the U.S. (see A week's worth of waste and Daqo New Energy lowers IPO price band).

A handful of well known domestic American cleantech companies have recently announced IPOs on U.S. exchanges. What does this mean for them, and the near future of public exits in cleantech?

Oil industry subsidies for dummies

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Wonder how big oil got big? Here's an insider's look at fossil fuel subsidies, how they've worked until recently, and what greentech industries might expect in America soon if the newly-Democratic U.S. Congress gets its way.

On news this week that the newly-elected U.S. Democratic congress is considering playing Robin Hood, and taking at least some money previously allocated for oil and gas and reallocating it to renewable energy, we thought it'd be useful to look into fossil fuel subsidies and how they work.