An Assessment of Cavet Technologies' LumiSmart

Tiny Toronto lighting vendor Cavet Technologies thinks it's got a game changer. The company has introduced a lighting controller it claims can lower the power consumption of a whole fluorescent light circuit by 35%+ with a single plug in box. If true, it could represent a new type of lighting controller, easier to install and less expensive. Which could spell trouble for existing lighting controller and LED fixture companies. 

But is the company's power wave-shaping science real? What do customers say? Read this report by Kachan & Co. 

Cavet Technologies LumiSmart

An Assessment of Cavet Technologies' LumiSmart
Examining the possible market impact of a new fluorescent lighting controller

A report by Kachan & Co., May 2010.

What companies does Cavet Technologies' LumiSmart ILC product compete against, and how does it really perform in real world conditions? What are the company's early customers saying? How does the LumiSmart ILC compare to incumbent lighting controllers in features and total installed costs? What are its strengths and weaknesses?

Cavet claims to have a completely unique new adaptive microprocessor-controlled approach that minimizes harmonics and maximizes control, a technology that isn't multi tap transformer or SCR-based. It's so different that Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has created a new category for the LumiSmart ILC controller.

But does it really work? Kachan & Co. interviewed industry luminaries, competitors and lead customers of Cavet’s. We asked hard questions. The answers may surprise you.

If you’re considering doing business with Cavet, or if you’re an existing vendor in the lighting market, this 30-page report is required reading. The report includes Kachan & Co.'s recommendations for Cavet customers, partners and competitors.

Kachan & Co. conducted 35 interviews with prospective customers, competitors, market watchers and others, and synthesized secondary research for this report. 

Companies receiving significant attention in report
Adura Technologies, Cavet Techologies, Easylite, Energy Automation Systems Inc (EASI), Fifth Light Technologies, Honeywell, Johnson Controls, Lumenergi, Lutron Electronics, Starfield Controls, Trane, Universal Lighting Technologies.



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"Prospects and others we engaged for this research were very interested in seeing the technology operate in a real environment—which we believe will be indicative of the broader market."

-From the report

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