Cleantech Redefined

After years in development, cleantech infrastructure, technology and services are now going mainstream. Cleantech is revolutionizing how we make, grow, transport and consume things. It's helping the world meet energy demands. It's creating livelihoods and prosperity in uncertain economies. Is there still time for investors to make good returns in cleantech? Yes. Here’s why.

Kachan Cleantech Redefined report

Cleantech Redefined
Why the next wave of cleantech infrastructure, technology and services will thrive in the twenty first century

A report by Kachan & Co., As You Sow and Responsible Endowments Coalition, October 2013.

38 pages
74 footnotes
19 tables, charts & figures 

The global economy is undergoing a fundamental change. Companies are under increasing pressure to produce and consume more efficiently. This pressure is creating innovation and, above all, opportunity in cleantech.

In recent years, the cutting edge of cleantech has received outsized investment and headlines, and weathered the challenges of outsized expectations. Now, cleantech in all of its forms is poised for even more rapid expansion, especially now that the largest companies in the world have discovered the opportunity and imperative of cost savings.

Capital is now being invested in cleantech products and services by a variety of sources, from venture capital to cities, businesses, states, universities, and individuals. In 2012, cleantech attracted nearly a quarter of the venture capital (VC) available, capturing $6.4 billion, of nearly $26 billion in VC investment across all sectors. Adding to this, the world’s largest companies are now buying their way into cleantech. These are impressive achievements for an 11 year old category. What will the next decade hold for cleantech as companies rush to take advantage of new efficiencies and opportunities for bottom line improvement?

The good news is that investors haven’t missed a bull run. Cleantech will continue to happen in big ways. Disruptive technologies will continue making old sectors obsolete, while well-known brands, products, and companies will adopt clean technologies and products to improve their balance sheets and investors’ bottom lines. The pragmatic, undeniable opportunity for savings and efficiencies that are driving cleantech’s adoption today will continue to propel mass market acceptance and mainstream adoption.

This paper presents latest investment research on clean infrastructure and technology investment. We have synthesized research across a number of industries and major impact areas, identifying key value drivers and market size projections. We have also included examples of products and technologies currently on the market. We also highlight various large, mid and small cap firms and funds as possible points of entry for institutional and individual investors within each industry.

Report essential for

  • Endowment trustees, pension fund administrators and other institutional investors 
  • Venture capitalists seeking disruptive innovation
  • Investment advisors investigating on behalf of latest for clients
  • Individual investors managing their own portfolios
  • Service providers seeking leading companies in high growth clean industries
  • Policy makers grappling with how to support the clean/green economy
  • And others

Kachan & Co. conducted interviews, synthesized secondary materials over a two month period and consulted its Cleantech Watch data service for this report. More than 200 representative public and private cleantech companies are identified in the report. Technologies investigated spanned the clean technology spectrum of clean energy, energy storage, efficiency (including green building, smart grid and collaborative consumption), transportation, air & environment, clean industry, water and agriculture.



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"Clean technology has had 10 years of mostly underwhelming returns. Yet there have been bright spots. And a broad recovery seems to be underway."

-From the report

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