Target segment validation, profiling

Your challenge
You need to select an initial target market segment(s) for your new clean technology product or service, or a new market for an established product or service.

You may be asking questions like "who should we sell our products/services to? Why? Where do we focus our marketing activities to accelerate our success?" And for whatever market segment you choose, you're also interested in knowing as much as you can about it. Ultimately, you'd also like to know how to position yourself in your new market, including what value propositions, differentiation and supporting messages to use.

How we help
We can help you select the most promising target market segment(s) for your product or service from a number of possible ones.

Our methodology includes an analysis of several hypothetical market segments, a comparison of each, and recommendations on a specific go-forward segment. The work is structured as follows:

  1. Brainstorming and information-gathering with the client, referencing clients' executive staff and secondary research to identify hypothetical market segments
  2. We submit hypothetical segments based on our own analysis
  3. Hypotheses are then researched and filtered against high-level criteria (see illustration below)
  4. The most promising segments are then analyzed and profiled using secondary and primary research
  5. A comparison of segments is made and the most attractive market – as measured against our criteria – is recommended

The final deliverable from a segmentation validation project is a significant document that contains a wealth of data on the top most promising market segments from the project.

Kachan segmentation criteria example

Timeframe & Fees
Normally a 1-2 month engagement. More exact timeframes and fees can be estimated after learning more about your specific business issues and state of your current strategy. Contact us to discuss your company and how we can help.

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