Agricultural Tech Companies To Watch

The world’s population is increasing. Yet dwindling water, farmland and fossil-based fertilizers are making it increasingly difficult to feed the people of the planet today, let alone those expected in the future. Which companies and innovative technologies are best positioned to help boost the yields and sustainability of agriculture while lowering its environmental impact?

Agricultural tech companies to watch report


Agricultural Tech Companies To Watch
Profiles of companies most likely to help the world produce more with less

A forthcoming report by Kachan & Co., Fall 2012.

Large companies and clean technology investors are focused on energy. Some are following water. Yet very few are tracking opportunities in new breakthrough clean & green agriculture technology.

Select companies in Asia, Europe, North America and elsewhere are poised to reinvigorate large scale agriculture with cleantech innovations that help expand yields, increase efficiencies, reduce waste and address concerns about toxicity, safety and the environment.

Which new agriculture companies stand the best chances of success? Why?

Kachan & Co. is a third party analysis firm known for provocative research across the spectrum of cleantech. In its new report on agricultural tech, the company will profile and critically examine companies with important emerging technologies in bio-based fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides, microirrigation, precision agriculture, acquaculture, vertical farming, waste management and more.

The Kachan report will profile leading companies in the field, and conclude with recommendations for investors, large corporations, commercial agriculture leaders, policy makers, entrepreneurs and service providers.

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