Market infrastructure mapping

Your challenge
Like most companies, your goal is to accelerate adoption of your cleantech product or service.

How we help
It's not always intuitive, but to be most effective, your marketing is often best directed not simply at your end-prospects themselves, but the whole of the "infrastructure" that influences these prospects. Infrastructure marketing is a principle Kachan has been using with clients for many years now with great success.

In each market, a "who's who" of influencers interacts with each other and ultimately affects your success. This infrastructure is different from market to market. An example:

Kachan market infrastructure identification methodology

We can help you understand the infrastructure of your market(s), and identify the most important people who influence others at each level of the infrastructure. We can then help you develop specific programs to form relationships with these influencers.

Infrastructure marketing is a holistic "bigger picture" than traditionally used by PR or advertising agencies, which often communicate companies' messages solely to press and analysts, or to consumers, respectively.

Our methodology:

  1. We start with a copy of your PR database, and conduct research to probe new layers of the market infrastructure and develop a hypothetical map
  2. We cross-reference publications and consult databases for recurring names of prominent members of the hypothetical infrastructure and tune our map as needed
  3. We contact industry experts for their perspective on the most influential people in your market
  4. We deliver a market infrastructure model, a database of contact info of important constituents and recommendations for programs to form ongoing relationships and introduce your firm where necessary

The deliverable from a Kachan market infrastructure identification project can serve as a blueprint for other marketing firms, particularly when combined with messages and competitive intelligence from a positioning engagement. An infrastructure map and program recommendations like these help marketing companies do their work effectively.

Timeframe & Fees
Approximately a one month engagement. More exact timeframes and fees can be estimated after learning more about your specific business issues and state of your current strategy. Contact us to discuss your company and how we can help.

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