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Kachan in VentureBeat

According to research firm Kachan and Co. ... cleantech round sizes in the past few quarters have declined to “almost their lowest level in recorded history. And that’s good. More cleantech companies are now getting capital than in the days of the large, exclusionary government stimulus grants and loans that skewed investment last year towards larger deals.”

8 trends to watch after cleantech's blockbuster $243 billion year, Jan 12, 2011

Kachan in Environmental Leader

"New clean technologies are increasing industrial efficiency, and that means a better bottom line. In many cases, new clean technology is lowering mining companies’ power needs. Technology is even helping reduce water requirements, and/or remediating the produced water and mines of years past that are now leaching toxins. And that’s translating into cost savings for mining companies."

— Dallas Kachan

How the Mining Industry Is Cleaning Up Its Act, Jul 19, 2012