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Very nice read. My understanding of the Cleantech industry is quite limited, but your article has helped expand my perspective. I only stumbled upon the term because of a company that i invested in discoverd a unique geological event that occured to create graphite. In the company's presentations, Zenyatta Ventures has been focused on targeting the cleantech market and are progressing in that manner with the recent addition of Dr. Bharat Chahar (formerly of Phillips 66).

From what I have read, and what the initial metallurgy results indicate, the graphite resource they discovered has very few contanimants and characteristics that are equivalent to synthetic graphite. Purification processes use a caustic bake instead of an acid leeching process and indication in news releases say the company can recycle the sodium hydroxide solution.

What market/industry indicators do you look at to determine that the largets companies in the world are demanding cleaner and greener products? I have the same sentiment, but if the company has the right product to supply the cleantech market, what are the attributes these larger companies are looking for?

Thanks in advance!