Cleantech capital

Connecting innovators, project developers and investors.

Raising capital for a cleantech venture or project is harder than ever. Speed the process with Kachan & Co.

Kachan offers a quick and easy way for entrepreneurs and project developers to introduce their opportunities to leading venture, corporate, private equity and institutional cleantech investors worldwide. We can pontentially jump-start companies seeking equity capital or debt for projects by performing outreach on your behalf.

Available to select companies:

  • Developing or commercializing a cleantech product, service or project (what is cleantech?), and
  • Seeking early stage, growth or expansion financing of any amount beyond angel seed funding

Companies do not need to submit a fee to apply. If investment or significant commercial transactions occur as a result of introductions facilitated through our introductions, a consulting fee is due. In most cases, a retainer may be required.

Application & process
Cleantech companies seeking capital should contact us, describing the level of investment sought and why. Clients are accepted on the basis of perceived attractiveness to investors using criteria such as, but not limited to, innovation, protectability of IP, differentiation vs. competitors, market opportunity and apparent ability to execute.

contact us, describing how much investment you require and how it will be used