Company profile report

Your challenge
Complicated or unproven technologies can have long purchase decision cycles. Customers seek references. Often, early stage or growth companies lack credible validation of their products or services. Potential partners or investors welcome ways of speeding their diligence.

How we help
Kachan can examine a cleantech company's product or service and offer its assessment of the company's commercial prospects in a formal published research report. We then market our report to the industry. A respected cleantech analysis firm, Kachan routinely undertakes research and publishes and promotes its findings to cleantech power players and corporate decision-makers.

You receive
  • Credibility - third party analysis of your company
  • Global visibility - Kachan markets the report to the cleantech infrastructure at its expense

Cavet Technologies LumiSmart 

SAMPLE REPORT: An Assessment of Cavet Technologies' LumiSmart: Examining the possible market impact of a new fluorescent lighting controller

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Our methodology:

  1. Interviews with company personnel
  2. Interviews with company prospects, technical due diligence parties, evaluators, partners
  3. Cross-reference with publications and consult databases as needed, review secondary sources
  4. Report focuses on validation of target customer, value proposition, compellingness of proposition & differentiation, makes recommendations for customers, partners, competitors and others
  5. Disclosure of commercial relationship

Deliverables associated with a Kachan company profile report include the approx. 20-30-page commercial report itself, est. 10,000 words, effectively addressing the question “Is this company and its technology real, and should a customer, partner or investor take a chance on it?” The report is marketed by Kachan to the cleantech community, including press outreach and email marketing.

A two page datasheet and report abstract is also produced that the client is entitled to distribute in its entirety for free.

Timeframe & Fees
A six week engagement from signed agreement to final deliverables. Fees shared after learning more about your company, amount of discovery required and state of your current commercialization. Kachan reserves the right to decline a company profile engagement if it deems a company's propositions insufficiently compelling.

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