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Leading Canadian clean technology companies were presented to Chinese investors, industrialists and government officials in Beijing and Shanghai in September, 2011.

Kachan & Co., Ernst & Young, Jiaxing Xiuzhou New Area, the Greentech Exchange and other partners presented some of the most promising Canadian clean technology companies at the Hello Cleantech Showcase China 2011. Companies presented in Beijing on September 20th, and Shanghai on September 22nd, 2011.

Read Kachan's analysis of the events here and a press release summarizing the event here.

September 2011 presenting companies
From dozens of applicants, a selection committee chose seven outstanding companies:

Delaware Power Systems: Technology for EV and PHEV battery systems
Electric vehicles require advanced battery systems to provide reliable power. Delaware is focused on developing scalable smart battery modules for EVs. Its technology promises to make EV battery systems safer, more reliable and last longer while reducing cost.


EnerMotionWaste heat recovery from vehicle engines
EnerMotion improves energy efficiency in current and future vehicle technology, provides environmental benefits, maximizes existing transportation infrastructure and offers a fast payback for customers.


EnovexCarbon capture with lower capital cost and energy requirement
Today, the best carbon capture solutions impose 30-35% energy penalties on power plants. Enovex has developed a system only requiring half that, and has attracted interest from large energy companies.

当今,最好的碳捕获方案要求发电厂付出30-35%的能源消耗。 Enovex已开发出一种只需上述方案所需能量的一半的系统,并已经吸引了一些大型能源公司的兴趣。

Eve Innovations: Coal-like fuel replacement from waste
By converting almost all organic waste to a commercial fuel product for industrial or retail markets, Eve Innovations removes the need to dispose of the waste, thereby reducing costs and logistics involved with waste disposal.


exchangenergy: Geoexchange expertise for China
exchangenergy designs and installs high efficiency & site specific geoexchange and geothermal systems. The company is seeking international expansion into China, offering project and international best practice expertise for residential developments.


Remco Solid State LightingPower & thermal breakthrough for high power LED lighting
Key barriers have held back the use LED lighting for high power lighting applications. Remco has developed and patented technologies aimed at power control and thermal management. The company's LED street light tests suggest it can reduce street light electrical energy consumption by up to 70%.

几个主要障碍阻碍了LED高功率照明的应用。 Remco已开发并申请了专利技术,旨在实现功率控制和热量管理。该公司的LED路灯测试表明,它可以减少高达70%的路灯电能消耗。

VizimaxAutomation systems for power grid modernization
Vizimax's products help the electric grid reduce network outages by automating substations and the interconnection of renewable energy to the grid. Customers include Siemens, Alstom Grid, Schneider Electric, National Grid, NYPA, PowerGrid of India and others.


Applications were evaluated for companies' fundability and China partnership potential against criteria such as innovation, market opportunity and ability to execute.

Jiaxing Xiuzhou Industrial Park Tour

Courtesy of partner Jiaxing Xiuzhou New Area, Northern Cleantech Showcase delegates were taken on a tour of the Xiuzhou New Area Industrial Park near Shanghai. The region aims to make the park Jiaxing’s secondary centre and a leading development base for high tech industries. Over 10 billion RMB yuan have been invested in its construction. Delegates toured the facility Friday, September 23rd. More details about the Xiuzhou New Area Industrial Park here.

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