Quoted in the press

Kachan in Retrofit Magazine

“Cleantech-related investments attract nearly a quarter of all capital. And the world’s largest companies are increasingly buying their way into the space. That’s impressive for an investment theme that just turned 11 years old,” says Kachan & Co. Managing Partner Dallas Kachan.

Cleantech Infrastructure, Technology and Services Will Thrive in the 21st Century, Oct 25, 2013

Kachan in Business in Vancouver

"There is a growing market for these technologies because the climate is still changing," Vancouver clean-tech researcher and report co-author Dallas Kachan told Business in Vancouver. "We're still running out of the building blocks of what we need for our modern society, and countries are getting increasingly worried about their energy sovereignty. These issues aren't going away."

Investors Should Take Second Look at Clean Tech: Report, Oct 25, 2013

Kachan in CleantechIQ

“If the vast majority of clean technologies, services and infrastructure plays have yet to cross the chasm, it means risk and expense getting there, but it also means massively larger market adoption on the other side,” writes Dallas Kachan, one of the co-authors of the report.

Report: Don’t Give up on Cleantech Quite Yet, Oct 25, 2013