Quoted in the press

In ABC News

“Energy-efficiency firms often need less money to bring products or services to market, may rely on more proven technologies and may pose less risk to investors. They're not reinventing the wheel.”

Dallas Kachan

Clean tech gets big piece of venture-capital funding, January 6, 2010

Kachan In the San Jose Mercury

“When it comes to cleantech, we have the largest market opportunity in the history of the planet driven by global climate change, resource constraints and energy independence. Silicon Valley is critical to this revolution, but it does not occupy the throne it once did.”

Dallas Kachan

Silicon Valley faces fierce global competition in cleantech, February 1, 2010

In the Associated Press

“With $400 million having gone to this company, there are some exciting claims, but like everything else out of Silicon Valley, the market will separate fact from fiction, and will prove claims versus reality.”

Dallas Kachan

Secretive fuel-cell startup stirring hopes, doubts, February 23rd, 2010