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There's no lack of cleantech news today. Where's the perspective?

In a world of more and more cleantech data, what's most important? What should busy professionals pay attention to? Where's the "signal" in all the cleantech "noise"? Where are the commercial opportunities?

The Kachan Letter™, brought to you by world-leading cleantech writers whose work you've read elsewhere, is a distillation of what's most important to know for busy cleantech professionals. Once a month, in an easy-to-read-on-the-plane printed format, sent digitally as a PDF. Information you won't find anywhere else, just for industry influencers.

Every month, the Kachan Letter contains information like:

  • Relevant cleantech news developments and what they mean for who
  • Emerging cleantech technology and investment trends
  • Innovative cleantech companies you've likely not heard about yet, but will soon
  • Takeaways from latest reports
  • New promising cleantech scientific breakthroughs
  • Rumors, and more

By industry insiders. For industry insiders.

The Kachan Letter contains exclusive articles and insight from respected name-brand journalists and analysts who've spent years embedded in cleantech. And who therefore have an inside track. Writers like:

  • Jennifer Kho - former editor in chief of Greentech Media, freelancer for Earth2Tech, New York Times
  • Tyler Hamilton -  cleantech columnist for the Toronto Star and Clean Break blogger
  • Justin Moresco - former Red Herring cleantech reporter
  • Mark Halper - cleantech writer for TIME, Fortune, Variety, UK Independent
  • Trevor Curwin - MSNBC cleantech contributor, researcher and consultant in financial services 
  • And more

You've read their work elsewhere. Wait until you see what they're writing for the Kachan Letter.

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“Kachan is one of the trusted voices in the reality of the cleantech movement and not just a venture soapbox.”

-Jon Bonanno, cleantech investment committee chair, Keiretsu Forum

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