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As a recent participant in "a certain energy software accelerator in Texas" I am confused by item 12. It certainly didn't match my experience. While there were a number of oil and gas services executives who addressed the participants--not surprising given the venue--they mostly spoke about the things they learned and the obstacles they overcame in their path to success. As you would expect given the number of speakers, there were a few "canned" presentations that may have been a little rudimentary for at least some in the audience. That's to be expected given the wide range of domain experience among the participants, which included plenty of PHDs and work histories ranging from zero years to over thirty. We were there to learn what we didn't know, not what we already did.

No accelerator or incubator program is likely to be perfect, just as there is no perfect formula for start-up success. The value of any particular program content will vary according to the needs of the people in a particular "class." Short of taking inventory of what every participant already knows, it would be impossible to craft a program that filled every gap yet didn't overlap someone's existing area of expertise.

For anyone shopping for a similar accelerator or incubator experience, I would advise them to look at the people who are running it, the size and breadth of funding sources, and the ultimate success of the participants, with the last being the most important measure of an effective program.