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Great article. I was based in China for 12 years as part of the early cleantech wave and share Jim's views that the opportunity in China is for cheap, proven (at scale) technology that does not have to be cutting edge. Pilot projects will not get any customers, unless they come with finance. The only other thing I would add is that, in my experience anyway, services and software generally do not sell well in China - it really does need to be a physical product of some kind. Let me give you an example. I had some dealings with a company in China that was selling a system to reduce electricity consumption. 80% of the cost of producing the product was in the auditing and programming, and 20% was in the actual hardware. They went nowhere so long as they tried to sell the product as services supplemented by some gear. As soon as they started selling it as a black box piece of kit, with the services provided for "free". sales took off. Maybe others on this forum have had some different experiences, would be interesting to hear from them.