Corporate/product positioning

Your challenge
If you're a new company, a differentiated, easy-to-communicate market position is critical. It establishes you in prospects' minds – and the minds of those who influence your prospects. (Who influences your prospects? Click here.)

If you're an established company with sales challenges, the market may not know who/what you are relative to alternatives. Weak positioning is one of the most fundamental problems technology companies face in crowded markets.

How we help
Positioning is more than just a group of messages. Done properly, it's the foundation of an effective marketing strategy. Positioning drives product strategy, pricing, promotional strategies, distribution and partnering. 

Correct positioning helps companies synchronize outside agencies, including PR and advertising. It can get your company focused internally, as well as help make your web site more effective as a sales tool.

Our methodology recognizes that an effective position is influenced by a number of factors. And that, ultimately, effective positioning is not so much what companies say, but what they do. Our positioning engagements always include action plans for evidencing desired positions.

The positioning process includes primary and secondary research, analysis, worksessions and presentations.

  1. Initial worksession with client to review positioning terminology, review internal and external considerations impacting potential positioning and discuss client's current and/or hypothetical positions
  2. Independent research to help client understand the factors that impact potential positioning (i.e. analysis of segmentation, competitors' market positions, internal resources, etc.) and corroborate client hypotheses and uncover other hypothetical positions
  3. Worksession and presentation of interim findings and recommended positions; collective evaluation of recommendations
  4. Further research, and testing of leading positions in the marketplace if necessary
  5. Final presentation, including recommended messages and action plan, and report

An initial worksession, at least one interim worksession and the presentation of final results and their implications are critical meetings in a positioning engagement.

The final project deliverable for a positioning engagement is a substantial document, and includes detailed findings on all of the above issues, agreed-upon positioning going forward, recommended strategic messages and an action plan.

Timeframe & Fees
Normally a 1-2 month engagement. More exact timeframes and fees can be estimated after learning more about your specific business issues and state of your current strategy. Contact us to discuss your company and how we can help.

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