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“Cleantech innovation has continued to globalize. North America's historic cleantech innovation and capital advantage may grow less distinct over time.”

— Dallas Kachan

Clean Technology Venture Investment Totaled $5.6 Billion in 2009 Despite Non-Binding Climate Accord, January 6, 2010

Renewable natural gas to disintermediate solar and wind at power utilities

Cleantech company actively seeking capital as of December 26, 2010
Executive summary of company's business: 
Natural gas today is a multi-trillion dollar industry. But despite news of new discoveries, the asset is finite. This startup believes it’s found a way to make a renewable form of natural gas out of forestry industry waste and other inexpensive and plentiful feedstocks. The company claims its patent-protected hydropyrolysis process will enable it to produce its gas in a way it says is CO2 neutral and doesn’t require large power inputs. And as chemically identical to natural gas, its product should be transportable in existing worldwide pipelines—the most efficient way to transport energy. Not content to only develop and license equipment to others, this company is also targeting becoming an independent gas producer (IGP) itself, seeking funding for its own plants and selling bio natural gas as a product to off-takers. There is enough available, accessible and renewable forestry biomass waste in the U.S. and EU to displace 15% of the regions’ natural gas demand, according to the company’s calculations, an addressable market valued at $40 billion/year, it believes.
E.ON, Nexterra, Pro E Power Systems
Differentiation vs. competitors: 
The company creates gas that's chemically identical to fossil-based natural gas, not syngas or methane, so its product is therefore transportable in today's pipelines. It has a small trial already underway with the California Energy Commission. And it is targeting a lower cost per megajoule than competitors.
Capital sought & use of proceeds: 
The company is initially seeking series A investment of approximately $2M for prototyping. It expects will need $30-$50M after its successful California Energy Commission trial late in 2011 to support commercial scale projects.
Characteristics of ideal investors: 
Venture investors with experience in biofuel investing. Forestry companies, or other large corporations with or without corporate venturing divisions that would benefit from disruptive biofuel innovation.
Expected close date: 
Company name: 
G4 Insights


7966 Winston Street
Vancouver, British Columbia V5A 2H5
Phone: +1 604-451-9166
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Edson Ng
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