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“The fact that they received money from Calpers is a vote of confidence. Calpers believes enough in the Vinod Khosla brand that they would like to formally ally themselves with it.”

— Dallas Kachan

Khosla raises $1 bln for renewables, clean tech, September 1st, 2009

Hello Cleantech™ capital matchmaking

Connecting cleantech innovators and investors.

Raising capital for a cleantech venture now takes more time than ever. Speed the process with Kachan & Co.'s entrepreneur & investor capital introduction service.

Hello Cleantech™ is a quick and easy way for entrepreneurs to introduce their companies to thousands of venture, corporate, private equity and institutional cleantech investors worldwide—for no out-of-pocket cost. It's a great jump-start for companies seeking early stage capital for new cleantech innovation, or growth capital for existing ventures commercializing clean technology.

Open to any company:

  • Developing or commercializing a cleantech product/service (what is cleantech?), and
  • Seeking early stage, growth or expansion equity financing of any amount beyond angel seed funding

Investors join the program at no cost, and receive new prospective cleantech dealflow.

No up-front fees.

Companies do not need to submit a fee to apply, or even if accepted. If investment or significant commercial transactions occur as a result of introductions facilitated through the program, a finder's fee is due.

Application & process
Cleantech companies seeking investment fill out a form and agree to the terms and conditions of application (below). Companies are accepted on the basis of perceived attractiveness to institutional equity investors, using criteria such as but not limited to innovation, differentiation vs. competitors, market opportunity and apparent ability to execute.

Information on companies accepted to the program is shared with more than 7,000 venture capital, private equity, corporate venturing and other institutional investors worldwide with a history or stated thesis of investing in clean technologies. Investors receive an email once a month with abstracts of latest companies accepted.

Sample of the thousands of global cleantech investment firms in Hello Cleantech:

3i Frog Capital Rockport Capital Partners
BASF Venture Capital Global Environment Fund Tsing Capital
Battery Ventures Khosla Ventures Two Sigma Investments
Bessemer Venture Partners Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers The Westly Group
Draper Fisher Jurvetson Mohr Davidow Ventures Virgin Green Fund
Emerald Technology Ventures Nth Power Zouk Ventures


Sample company listing (i.e. how companies' information appears once approved):

Bioleux Polska


Cleantech vendors: application form

Apply to Hello Cleantech

Investors: receive complimentary notification of companies seeking capital


Questions & Answers

Q: Does it cost anything to submit to Hello Cleantech?
A: No. There are no fees to submit your company's information. Nor if it's approved. A finder's fee is due if any transactions are facilitated with investors.

Q: How does the finder's fee work?
A: The finder's fee varies by transaction size, and is detailed here. It also appears at the bottom of the application form and is accepted with a checkbox at the time of submission. The rate is far lower than that typically charged by a broker or investment bank.

Q: Your form is long! How long does it take to fill out?
A: If cutting and pasting from existing corporate documents, it might only take 10 minutes. It's time well spent if you manage to connect with investors through this process.

Q: How long does it take for my information to be reviewed?
A: Submitted applications are typically reviewed within two business days.

Q: Am I notified if my company is accepted?
A: Yes. You'll receive an email with acceptance details, a link to your company's information for you to review (we often edit your information for clarity and consistency) and a copy of the terms and conditions and finder's fee agreement.

Q: How long does it take for my information to be seen by investors?
A: It depends on when you apply and when you're approved. We send an email featuring latest companies every month to our database. We recommend applying as soon as possible so as to not miss the next scheduled email to investors.

Q: Do you guarantee my company will receive interest from investors?
A: We do not. But applying can take as little as only 10 minutes of your time, and could indeed result in conversations, as it has for many other companies that have used our service.

Q: What if I want to know more before I apply?
A: Further questions? Contact us