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“The most effective way to accelerate cleantech products and services, and scale cleantech, is not to throw more government money at the industry, but for the government to embrace its role as policy maker and setter of standards. There is no lack of capital to be brought to this industry. What it needs are long term assurances that there will be a continued market for cleantech.”

— Dallas Kachan

America plays cleantech catch up, February 25, 2009

The Kachan Letter: June 2010

Silver linings for cleantech can be found in recent environmental challenges. Biofuel opportunities are being created by the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Iceland's ash cloud that grounded air traffic is accelerating adoption of renewables on the small island country. Read how investors, service providers, entrepreneurs and large corporations can profit from these developments.

Also in this issue: Tesla IPO woes, an introduction to osmotic power, a next electrical automotive component to watch, an investing opportunity in power transmission to Europe and more. 

The Kachan Letter - June 2010

The Kachan Letter: June 2010
Cleantech developments, and what they mean for who

In this issue:

  • A bright spot in lighting control
  • Ash cloud’s silver lining: renewable opportunities accelerating in Iceland
  • Drop-in biofuels to benefit from Gulf of Mexico oil spill
  • In brief: Tesla IPO woes
  • Layperson’s introduction to osmotic power—emerging base load energy source
  • Forget lithium, watch the supercapacitors
  • Investors sought for sub-Atlantic high voltage line that would deliver renewable electricity to Europe

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