Quoted in the press

Kachan in EnergyBoom

Kachan & Co. sees corporations as the source of cleantech funding to watch most closely in the future. The firm expects corporate capital to outstrip the US$7.68 billion invested last year by venture capitalists very soon.

Nathanael Baker

Cleantech Investment Reaches Record High in 2011 Q1, Apr 6, 2011

Kachan in VentureBeat

“You wouldn’t see wind being developed the way it is today if it wasn’t economical in terms of cost per kilowatt-hour. And it's continuing downward in price per kilowatt-hour with economies of scale and offshore manufacturing.”

Dallas Kachan

Why Wisconsin’s ham-handed crusade against wind power blows, Mar 31, 2011

Kachan in Wall St. Journal

The technology "has real potential for generating base-load power in large cities at the convergence of fresh water and sea water," says Dallas Kachan, managing partner of Kachan & Co., a San Francisco consulting firm.

Michael Totty

Tech to the Rescue, Feb 27, 2011