Quoted in the press

Kachan in Reuters

“Energy efficiency will emerge as the clear rock star of clean tech in 2011, not just in terms of dollars invested, but in mindshare.”

Dallas Kachan

GE, VCs put $30 million in Silicon Valley startup’s “smart windows”, Reuters, Dec 14, 2010

Kachan in CBS

“To ignore [China] out of concern about intellectual property or other costs of doing business will be to watch most of your addressable worldwide market disappear to competitors.”

Dallas Kachan

Nine predictions for cleantech in 2011, CBS SmartPlanet, Dec 9, 2010

Kachan in CNBC

"Cellulosic ethanol in any meaningful quantity has been ‘two years away’ for five years now. Similarly, drop-in fuels are also at least five years away in any significant quantity."

Dallas Kachan

New Biofuel Technology Yielding Success, CNBC, Dec 8, 2010

Kachan in VentureBeat

[Natural gas] emits a lot less carbon than coal, and is likely to play a bigger role next year in federal energy policies and green entrepreneurship, according to consulting firm Kachan & Co.

Iris Kuo

Natural gas looks to oust coal and win over oil companies, VentureBeat, Dec 6, 2010

Kachan in Sustainable Business

"In 2011, venture investment in cleantech will return to what it does best: seeking out emerging early stage technologies and teams that promise good multiples, and will be less influenced by governments putting large amounts of capital to work themselves."

Dallas Kachan

Early Stage Venture Capital to Return to Cleantech Sector in 2011, Dec 2, 2010