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All current Hello Cleantech companies seeking investment

Title Company name Expected close date
Production of 96% pure fresh water from seawater for economical irrigation OPALA Water November, 2012
Reinventing rail transport for improved ROI Sustainable Transportation Solutions November, 2012
Generating value from restaurant waste with deployable small scale appliance Pyrowave December, 2012
Low cost wind turbine with disruptive new economics The Wind Turbine Company October, 2012
Micro hydro for canals that installs quickly for baseload power Hydrovolts October, 2012
Attractive BIPV system that reduces residential solar costs Redwood Renewables September, 2012
MIT technology to harness high altitude winds Altaeros Energies November, 2012
Mined metals recovery improvement using less energy Spheric Technologies September, 2012
Hog farm manure dewatering and odour reduction with fertilizer revenue ATD Waste Systems September, 2012
Waste biomass to high value food and environmental remediation products NovaGreen September, 2012