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All current Hello Cleantech companies seeking investment

Title Company name Expected close date
New type of hydrogen-fired generator for power and other markets HY-Energy Systems October, 2012
Prerevenue technology and products for EVs and PHEVs battery systems Delaware Power Systems January, 2013
Hypoallergenic natural rubber extraction technology for $65B market KOK Technologies October, 2012
Renewable fuel additive for improving gas mileage within existing infrastructure CPS Biofuels December, 2012
Automated stand-alone micro biodiesel refineries for decentralized fuel & power Enerdice June, 2012
LED system co. with BMS ambitions and brand name traction Eutricity January, 2013
Safe, easy-to-install green building insulation batt, $3B+ market Bellwether Materials December, 2012
Marine power design with reduced complexity, manufacturing & service cost Water Wall Turbine December, 2012
Highest ROI for any CO2 reuse technologies Mantra Energy Alternatives June, 2012
Home area network (HAN) management platform for the smart grid Embedded Automation June, 2013