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All current Hello Cleantech companies seeking investment

Title Company name Expected close date
Potentially zero-waste magnesium metal production with 70% lower carbon footprint Nevada Clean Magnesium September, 2012
Lithium ion battery-based renewable power systems for far flung locations Syntronix Energy Systems September, 2012
Water cleaning technology that destroys contaminants Canadian Clean Water Service August, 2012
New scalable, variable-load internal combustion engine design Epicam January, 2013
Small footprint systems for converting waste to energy onsite Thermogenics October, 2012
Power from low temperature waste heat American Thermal Power September, 2012
Natural gas-fueled distributed power generation with up to 40% ROI eCycle September, 2012
High-energy syngas from biomass Responsible Energy May, 2012
Commercially proven technology in large mining remediation market BacTech Environmental October, 2012
Smart glass licensed by Daimler that can reduce energy consumption 30%+ SPD Control Systems March, 2013