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All current Hello Cleantech companies seeking investment

Title Company name Expected close date
New humic approach to remediating contaminated soils and groundwater PRB Environmental Group January, 2013
Power & thermal management breakthrough for high power LED lighting Remco Solid State Lighting June, 2012
New type of hydrogen-fired generator for power and other markets HY-Energy Systems October, 2012
Prerevenue technology and products for EVs and PHEVs battery systems Delaware Power Systems March, 2012
Hypoallergenic natural rubber extraction technology for $65B market KOK Technologies October, 2012
Renewable fuel additive for improving gas mileage within existing infrastructure CPS Biofuels December, 2012
Automated stand-alone micro biodiesel refineries for decentralized fuel & power Enerdice June, 2012
LED system co. with BMS ambitions and brand name traction Eutricity January, 2013
Safe, easy-to-install green building insulation batt, $3B+ market Bellwether Materials December, 2012
Wireless electrical grid sensor system for improved efficiency & theft reduction Awesense Wireless August, 2012