by Dallas Kachan

"Does that mean cleantech is finished? Not at all. But much like young Skywalker learned in Episode V, cleantech is about to find out that the Empire sometimes gets its revenge."

Dallas Kachan

Predictions for Cleantech in 2013, Dec 10, 2012

"Even if the global economy blusters along, and there’s no guarantee it will, we predict global cleantech venture capital will show a limp performance in 2013 and not even match 2012 levels."

Dallas Kachan

Predictions for cleantech in 2013, Dec 5, 2012

"Look for cleantech to absolutely revolutionize mining in the next 5 years."

Dallas Kachan

Why Clean Mining is the Future of Mining, Oct 3, 2012

“Japan’s new feed-in tariffs are among the most impressive the planet has ever seen. And that is showing signs of kick-starting the solar sector in a very important way.”

Dallas Kachan

Low Gas Prices Have Clean-Tech Upsides, Sept 25, 2012

"Mining companies are now adopting new technologies because [it's] more efficient and cost effective than paying environmental penalties. We're approaching the tipping point where cleaner mining is becoming the cheaper option."

Dallas Kachan

Cleaning up mining: a new industry group hopes to raise the profile of cleaner mining innovations, Aug 15, 2012

"The largest companies in the world are buying their way into clean technology markets, supplementing the role of traditional private equity and evidencing a maturation of the cleantech sector. A decrease in venture is being made up for by a rise in corporate involvement in cleantech."

Dallas Kachan

Is the Sky Falling for Cleantech Investment?, Jul 23, 2012