by Dallas Kachan

"Proving the process at scale in the field will be the company’s biggest challenge, but early indications are encouraging."

Dallas Kachan

American Manganese process 'promising', Feb 17, 2012

"On paper and in pilot, American Manganese's hydrometallurgical process is promising."

Dallas Kachan

American Manganese releases new report on revolutionary hydrometallurgical process, Feb 17, 2012

"The near closed loop nature of the process appears to result in high grade electrolytic manganese metal with little environmental impact and at a low cost."

Dallas Kachan

American Manganese advances AZ Artillery Peak Project Metallurgy, Feb 17, 2012

“B-Squares is a fun illustration of concepts, but it is not something that could bring a one-hundred-times return on investment by radically changing the way we grow our food, fuel our transit, or get energy.”

Dallas Kachan

The Power of the Crowd: Fundraising for Cleantech, Feb 16, 2012

"Will storage remain a leading cleantech investment theme in 2012? We’re betting no."

Dallas Kachan

Predictions for cleantech in 2012, Jan 18, 2012

“There are more indications than ever that some [large investors] are becoming increasingly reluctant to fund cleantech. They’ve been grousing about cleantech for years. But the politicizing of the Solyndra bankruptcy has amped the rhetoric higher than ever and will foster a self-fulfilling prophecy in 2012.”

Dallas Kachan

Cleantech: Renewables Firms Will Look To Corporate Investors To Grow, Jan 12, 2012