by Dallas Kachan

"New clean technologies are increasing industrial efficiency, and that means a better bottom line. In many cases, new clean technology is lowering mining companies’ power needs. Technology is even helping reduce water requirements, and/or remediating the produced water and mines of years past that are now leaching toxins. And that’s translating into cost savings for mining companies."

Dallas Kachan

How the Mining Industry Is Cleaning Up Its Act, Jul 19, 2012

"While other countries are just starting to delve into the clean technology industry, this is not a new area for Japan: companies like these, as well as others, have been developing and providing cleantech solutions since the 1970s."

Dallas Kachan

Cleantech Opportunities in Japan, Globe-Net, Jul 12, 2012

“There’s a real feeding frenzy ... [vendors are] rushing to retool their products for the high visibility, high growth fracking and oil-sands markets.”

Dallas Kachan

Natural Gas Fracking Begets a Clean-Up Industry, Jun 20, 2012

"Cleantech falls in and out of favor with retail and institutional investors as oil prices ebb and flow. When oil prices drop, cleantech falls out of fashion. As they creep back up, cleantech comes into demand again."

Dallas Kachan

Opportunities in Clean Rare Earth Mining: Dallas Kachan, Mar 21, 2012

"Governments really need to pass aggressive mandates and standards, like renewable portfolio standards, to require a certain percentage of power from renewable sources by certain dates, and then step back and let the private sector figure out how to achieve them."

Dallas Kachan

Opportunities in Clean Mining: Dallas Kachan, Mar 13, 2012

“The world has had hundreds of years of dirty mining. It’s taking time for new clean technologies that are quietly emerging to prove themselves economically.”

Dallas Kachan

Clean-Mining Technology Pulls Rare-Earth Metals Out of Water, Mar 1, 2012