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In the Wall St. Journal

“This technology will be proven only over time.”

— Dallas Kachan

Start-Up Bloom Claims Fuel-Cell Breakthrough, February 25, 2010

Quoted in the press

Kachan & Co. refutes this and predicts 2011 to be a great year for the CleanTech industry.

2011: What is in Store for Cleantech?, Feb 2, 2011

Partnerships will be critical for eMeter as it competes against much larger companies, said Dallas Kachan, managing partner of Kachan & Co, a cleantech research and consulting firm. EMeter’s strong brand and good customer traction has helped it to stand out in an increasingly crowded and commoditized smart meter space, Kachan said.

EMeter sees partnerships as central to strategy, founder says; company attractive target for larger players, analyst says, Jan 13, 2011

According to research firm Kachan and Co. ... cleantech round sizes in the past few quarters have declined to “almost their lowest level in recorded history. And that’s good. More cleantech companies are now getting capital than in the days of the large, exclusionary government stimulus grants and loans that skewed investment last year towards larger deals.”

8 trends to watch after cleantech's blockbuster $243 billion year, Jan 12, 2011

Consultancy Kachan & Co. says growing demand from China for raw materials is one of several reasons that venture investors will stick with cleantech. Kachan names resource scarcity, the drive for efficiency, the desire for energy independence, and even climate change as reasons to invest.

Cleantech: Venture Capitalists Seek To Lower Risk, Jan 10, 2011

There are even more interesting datapoints within the latest figures that illustrate a sector alive and well, with strong momentum leading into 2011, according to cleantech analysis firm Kachan & Co.

2010 Cleantech Venture Investments Second Highest On Record, Jan 10, 2011

"In 2011, look for efficiency to become the clear dominant investment theme," said Dallas Kachan, a former managing director of the Cleantech Group and now partner of Kachan & Co., a cleantech consulting firm.

Cleantech Crystal Ball Sees Rash of IPOs, Energy Efficiency Focus, Jan 5, 2011