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Kachan in The Fiscal Times

According to green energy industry analyst Dallas Kachan, “The collapse of Solyndra turned renewable energy into a political hot potato, and American lawmakers are still gun shy when it comes to renewable power, even if it doesn't directly involve taxpayer funds.”

How One GOP Town Is Changing Green Energy Policy, Jun 20, 2012

Quoted in the press

"Less than 10% of global cleantech venture investment dollars today are going into early-stage deals."

— Dallas Kachan

Cleantech Funding Falls In Third Quarter, October 4th, 2010

“For several quarters now, there have been roughly four times as many cleantech IPOs each quarter in China than either North America or Europe. And much higher returns are being made. It’s time for investors and entrepreneurs in North America, Europe and elsewhere to recognize this. The huge cleantech returns in China are getting too little attention.”

— Dallas Kachan

Green Tech Investments Totally Bomb in the Third Quarter - October 4, 2010

Chinese companies in clean-technology sectors lead the world in the number of initial public offerings for the last five quarters, according to industry analyst Dallas Kachan, of San Francisco-based Kachan & Co.

Climate Talks in Tianjin Put Spotlight on China - Oct 3, 2010

“The development is significant, as third quarters have generally been the strongest of the year for cleantech investment.”

— Dallas Kachan

Cleantech investment declines in Q3, “There’s been a bubble” - October 1, 2010

“More of those funds than ever before are going to shoring up mature companies. Less than 10 percent of global cleantech venture investment dollars today are going into early stage deals.”

— Dallas Kachan

A Lotta “Walking Dead” Greentech Firms - October 1, 2010

"This article is the most accurate statement I have read in quite a long time ... this article sets the matter straight."

— Mike Eckhart, President, American Council On Renewable Energy (ACORE)

On Kachan analysis of why China has already overtaken the U.S. in cleantech, in Renewable Energy World - August 13, 2010