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In the San Francisco Chronicle

“While much of the economy struggled to find good things to write about in 2009, clean tech had a pretty good year.”

— Dallas Kachan

Funding for clean-tech firms plunges 33% in '09, January 7, 2010

Quoted in the press

"In 2011, venture investment in cleantech will return to what it does best: seeking out emerging early stage technologies and teams that promise good multiples, and will be less influenced by governments putting large amounts of capital to work themselves."

— Dallas Kachan

Early Stage Venture Capital to Return to Cleantech Sector in 2011, Dec 2, 2010

"There are a LOT of players in this game, and only the best funded will survive 2011, Kachan predicts."

— Heather Clancy

Researcher predicts consolidation of energy efficiency players, Dec 2, 2010

"Cleantech analysis and consulting company Kachan & Co. says in its most recent set of predictions that biofuel investment could reach former highs."

— Megan Sapp

Kachan & Co says biofuels investment upswing expected in 2011, Dec 6, 2010

Third quarters tend to be the strongest of the year [for cleantech investment], according to Dallas Kachan of research firm Kachan & Co.

Cleantech is bleeding green: U.S. investment dollars slashed by half in last year, November 1st, 2010

"Is there a lot of capital on the slidelines, watching and waiting? Are new investors expressing interest in cleantech because it's fashionable, but not voting with their checkbooks? Either way, the herd actually investing has thinned."

— Dallas Kachan

Number of Cleantech Investors Decreasing, October 5, 2010

Kachan & Co. says the numbers are “significant” since third quarters are usually the strongest of the year. [They have] coined a phrase – “Walking Dead” – to describe companies that investors are keeping alive waiting to exit instead of funding more cleantech innovation.

Cleantech Venture Investing Nosedives - October 5, 2010