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Kachan in Steel Guru

"On paper and in pilot, American Manganese's hydrometallurgical process is promising."

— Dallas Kachan

American Manganese releases new report on revolutionary hydrometallurgical process, Feb 17, 2012

Quoted in the press

“Investors are no longer piggybacking on U.S. government investment, which had skewed investment into more mature clean tech companies. Those funds are now largely allocated.”

— Dallas Kachan

VC's green gamble, Sustainable Industries, Jan 3, 2011

“Energy efficiency will emerge as the clear rock star of clean tech in 2011, not just in terms of dollars invested, but in mindshare.”

— Dallas Kachan

GE, VCs put $30 million in Silicon Valley startup’s “smart windows”, Reuters, Dec 14, 2010

“To ignore [China] out of concern about intellectual property or other costs of doing business will be to watch most of your addressable worldwide market disappear to competitors.”

— Dallas Kachan

Nine predictions for cleantech in 2011, CBS SmartPlanet, Dec 9, 2010

"Cellulosic ethanol in any meaningful quantity has been ‘two years away’ for five years now. Similarly, drop-in fuels are also at least five years away in any significant quantity."

— Dallas Kachan

New Biofuel Technology Yielding Success, CNBC, Dec 8, 2010

"[Natural gas] emits a lot less carbon than coal, and is likely to play a bigger role next year in federal energy policies and green entrepreneurship, according to consulting firm Kachan & Co."

— Iris Kuo

Natural gas looks to oust coal and win over oil companies, VentureBeat, Dec 6, 2010

"In 2011, look for efficiency to become the clear dominant investment theme as investors continue to seek less capital intensive efficiency plays."

— Dallas Kachan

Investment to flow to cleantech in 2011, says Kachan, Dec 2, 2010